175 – (2017/18)


‘175’ is 175 days (1st of October 2017 – 24th of March 2018)

Time compressed into crystals composed on a string, hanging in a space without walls.

It will take time, we know that, so exactly ‘time’ is what we propose. Time to look hard and ask better questions.

A plethora of potentials. (and reasonable doubt)

We have decided to create a new program, because we feel it makes complete sense both in itself and in the overall composition of the school. The 25 week program ‘175’ is the latest variation of the overall intention and experiment at the LungA School and is intended for former students of the program ’84’ as well as emerging artists with an already existing artistic practice.

We have never done this before, so naturally there are limits to what we can know and tell about the program, but we will try and put some words to it anyway.

The 25 weeks is a composed space of time into which we have placed a series of workshops arranged by contemporary artists, as well as exhibitions, field trips, critiques, interventions, and discussions etc. And besides this there will be space and support to construct and structure your own time and work, both individually and collectively. We will invite studio-mentors to work and live alongside the students and together with us they will encourage and amplify the ambitions that the students bring.

Many of the components and thoughts, are similar to, and somehow continuations from ’84’ – though everything will be completely different, since participants, time, spaces, content and process will be completely different.

The intention is to create a densely focused and productive period of time in which there will be given attention, guidance, help and mentoring to the individual in order to develop their artists practice and ambition as well as the foundation upon which this rests. Some weeks will be structured according to the workshops and visiting artists and some weeks will be more self-directed and autonomous in their nature.

As a participant you will be living alongside the other participants in a large house in Seyðisfjörður. Food will be provided in the weekdays and in the weekends you will make food for and with each other.


The application process consist of both an application form and a Skype conversation. After filling out the application form you will be invited for a conversation shortly after.

There is very limited spots at each program and we will let you know after the Skype conversation if you have gotten a spot. Besides the program being focused on former ’84’ students and people with an already existing artistic practice and ambition, we do not have any specific requirements, but we do curate the participants as a collective to create the most interesting dynamic possible.

Program details:

When: October 1st 2017 – March 24th 2018.

Where: Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

Cost: Total cost including food, accommodation and tuition = 1.000.000 ISK

(Food and accommodation = 532.000 ISK, School and workshop fees = 468.000 ISK)