Dancing In A Boxing Ring

In week 8, Laura Tack was joined by Jeppe Kondrup Adelborg to lead Just A Matter of Fluidity, a workshop grounded in what seemed to be mystery. Surprises were constant and kept us on our toes. The weather, too, constantly changing; inflicting change in mood and pace throughout the week.
As the snow was thick on the ground, bodies were thrown into cold waters and heated by fire. The week began with a swim and ended with a dance. Activities which were commonplace throughout.

Finding a new home in The Old Net Factory, we put our hands to use and active minds (momentarily) to rest. The foundations were set in frames, both inside and out. We abandoned impulses, spent mornings silently. Waiting, pondering, observing. Sounds of shuffling slowly becoming part of the furniture. Sitting in the sun, stationary.
We worked in colour, in motion, with waves, to music. We were thrown into situations, into group performances – encouraged to work with limitations, encouraged to take ownership of the school, encouraged to motivate and manipulate. Joined by friends in the afternoons, tennis with a headset, edible surprises after lunch and meetings by the coffee bar at obscure times. 14.07pm.
Piling into the car. Painting on the windows. Sun on the rocks. Navigating the unknown. Dancing in a boxing ring, dancing off the cold, dancing dressed in silver and a 130% Space Aquarium.

Lying in the sun outside the Gas Station; a breakfast of curly fries and coffee.