The end of the beginning, the beginning of something new.

The conceptual structure of our time together is dissolving. Though that might be the case on multiple levels these days, I am only referring to the fact that this season at the LungA School has ended, the students have left and we are left here for a while until that time in the early fall when the molecules come together again in some new, unexpected form.

This season has felt like the end of the beginning. The school has been going for three years now and in this period it has moved from being an idea and into its own skin, finding its language, growing its roots. But the end of the beginning means the beginning of something else. And that is exciting! I have a feeling it will be spectacular!

A few weeks ago we announced the gift that we have gotten from Síldarvinnslan: an old 1100 sqm. net factory that we will turn into an incredible work- and studiospace over the next years. We will start this summer with building studios intended for a group of students at our new program ‘175’, an unofficial master program, a program for trained artists that takes place from October to late March.

And finally, this summer is also the time where we will move the existing studio for our program ’84’ into new facilities in the middle of town, but this we will tell more about when we have some photos!

Enjoy the spring and summer! And perhaps we’ll see you at the LungA Festival in July!