A new curriculum


It is now three years since we started this school and it has been three years of countless surprises. It is unclear what we actually thought would happen, but it is very clear that we had not imagined this. Perhaps we had imagined that with time the school would solidify and manifest itself more clearly. That with time it would become clearer to us what a school actually is and the conceptual framing around this whole endeavor would become crystal clear. Perhaps we thought that with time we would come up with an answer to the question ‘what is the LungA School’ that would feel comprehensive and fitting and able to contain the whole thing in simple, clear words so that when saying it out loud it would invoke a sense of satisfaction like placing the last piece in a puzzle and finally seeing the whole picture.

That, luckily, has not happened.

Let’s hope it never will.


We have written a new curriculum. This curriculum has seen a lot of changes from it’s previous version. Most of all in the way that it does not so much resemble a traditional curriculum anymore, but has become document with two centers of gravity that circles around each other. The manifesto and the composition.

The purpose of a document like this must be to reflect the existence of a thing rather than representing it. In this mirror we see our own shortcomings and in the actual thing we see the limits of the mirror.

And this is also how it has been created. The programs at the school fuel the conversation on what constitutes a school in general and what constitutes this particular school, while this conversation in return feeds into the way we make a school.

Thus we now have this document, but it does not matter. What matters is that it has been made and has been in the making for almost two years, meaning that it is compiled from numerous conversations, thoughts, reflections, experiments, ideas and with participation from both students, teachers, guests and friends.

And all that will continue.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

You can find it HERE.


The development of this curriculum has been supported by EUF/Erasmus+

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Hello world of water and base,

We reached the 2nd week together with Milos Sofrenovic ((Per)forming your manifesto) and Gavin Morrisson (Unoriginal). Their workshops flowed in separate directions. One engaged with movement and delivered us into the body, the other dove into the art of plagiarism. If nothing is original then everything can be, by willing yourself into it.

We dissolved into our sore muscles, and empty spaces that oscillate with the representations of history and wander into our present. We swam in the pool together. We learned to trust the eyes in our back, to tread lightly through water until it became air and then back again.

With Love,

LungA School

Week Two, Fall '16 from LungA School on Vimeo.


Symposium / Sunday 22nd of May

Hi all!

As part of the event “Tool-kit for Survivalism at the edge of the world” that takes place in Seydisfjordur on the 20th to 22nd of May, The LungA School would like to invite you for a seminar/symposium on Sunday 22nd at 13.00 that will focus on how a school, in all aspects, can serve as an institution that nurtures both students as well as the community that it is part of.

We will look at the school as a place for conscious cultural creation that is a deeply integrated part of it’s surroundings and we will try to get a better understanding of what kind of structures can be helpful in the building of such institutions.

This seminar serves as the final event of a long collaboration between the LungA School, Krabbesholm Højskole (DK), Engelsholm Højskole (DK), Kaospiloterne (DK), Iceland Academy of the Arts (IS) and Performing Pictures (SE) that has focused on developing a new methodology and language for the LungA School, as well as for art schools in general. The project has been granted by the Erasmus+ program.

This session will consist of both a presentation of the collaboration and of some of the key learnings that have taken place, along with some time for conversation on the topic.

More info on the event “Tool-kit for Survivalism at the edge of the world” can be found at



Málstofa LungA Skólans
22. maí 2016
13.00 – 14.30
Herðubreið, Seyðisfjörður

Sem hluti af atburðinum ” Verkfæri til sjálfsbjargar á hjara veraldar” sem fer fram á Seyðisfirði þann 20. til 22. maí nk., býður LungA skólinn til málstofu sunnudaginn 22. maí. Þar verður kastljósinu beint að því hvernig skóli, út frá ým- sum mögulegum hliðum, getur verið stofnun sem nærir bæði nemendur og sam- félagið sem hann starfar í.

Við munum líta á skólann sem vettvang fyrir meðvitaða menningarsköpun sem er í nánu samspili við umhverfi sitt. Og við munum reyna að fá betri skilning á því hvers konar skipulag geti verið gagnlegt í uppbyggingu slíkrar stofnunnar.

Málstofan er loka viðburður í löngu samstarfsverkefni milli LungA skólans, Krabbesholm lýðháskóla (DK) Engelsholm lýðháskóla (DK) Kaospiloterne (DK), Listaháskóla Íslands (IS) og Performing Pictures (SE). En saman hafa þau unnið að þróun á nýrri aðferðafræði og tungumáli fyrir LungA skólann, sem og fyrir lista- skóla almennt. Verkefnið er styrkt af Erasmus + áætluninni.

Á dagskrá er bæði kynning á samstarfinu og á þeirri lykil þekkingu sem orðið hefur til í ferlinu. Einnig verða almennar umræður um viðfangsefnið.

Frekari upplýsingar um “Verkfæri til sjálfsbjargar á hjara veraldar” er að finna á