Program of the week – 8


Today is a new day, new week, new month! Here in the LungA School, this means that we have also begun a new workshop – and we have a new program for you!

We are very happy to have Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen and her daughter Liva visiting us this week. Lilibeth is a performance and installation artist currently based in Copenhagen and she is in charge of the Origin workshop, in which we will dive into our roots in the search for our most basic being.

We will work through biologically and geologically processed materials and mysticism, through sounds, languages and physical impressions and expressions of the body. We will leave Seyðisfjörður and from here zoom in on the core, as close as we can get to it, using mediums like performance, painting, installation and sound art, as abstract tools of exploration.

This week Seyðisfjörður will also host a large film crew, who are in town to shoot some scenes for a tv-show when the ferry is in dock. Almost 200 people are arriving and they will be all over town, taking up all the beds in the hotels and having meals in Herðubreið with us and the school kids. We have had to pack down the studio to make room for all the people, but luckily we can still use the theater.

Besides our workshop program, we will have a conversation with Lilibeth, we will have lunch beat, we will go to an exhibition in Heima, we will go to an exhibition in Skaftfell and we will of course have our own exhibition on Friday!


A diary from inside the sunshine

In the beginning of each new week we publish a story about the week that just passed at the LungA School. It comes from the inside and can be about anything. This is the sixth chapter:

My dear friends

A week ago we saw ourselves through the eyes of others. We thought about what makes us angry, proud, sad and happy. We changed location and enjoyed the first few sunbeams through the windows of Hotel Aldan. We made white plaster copies of our faces and turned them into colorful, imaginative masks. We had an endless amount of bolludagsbollur and we sent Minerva back to the real world, while the rest of us took a sigh of relief and stayed in our little LungA bubble.

We experienced how Seyðisfjörður changed into a town with asphalt roads, green lawns and gardens. We felt the days grow warmer, brighter and suddenly the sun surrounded us all. We got used to not wearing our biggest boots and then of course the snow returned.

We got a gift. The Silent Day. A day when we were quiet, silent and avoided interaction with other people. Some of us stayed in the room under the stairs, some went for a walk, some sat in the sun, some painted, some were bored, some sat all day looking into nothing, some thought of the days that have passed and one of us took a five hour long nap. We got the gift of a day in our own company.

The weekend came earlier this week. With no scheduled program on Friday, we stayed in bed longer, we worked on our own projects, we looked at the snow covering the mountains. We cleaned our rooms, we did the laundry, we went for a walk to the cemetery. We had dinner at Skaftfell, played an intense game of Yatzy and enjoyed Death by Chocolate at home in the warm kitchen of the hostel.

Saturday came bright and shiny, promising a day with blue skies and white snow. Without hesitation we jumped into the white suits, put on our sunglasses and followed Grímur and Bjartur to the best sliding spots in town. Red cheeks, cold noses, warm hearts. We learned that you don’t have to be good at something to do it. We had delicious homemade pasta for dinner. We saw a movie, went to a concert and danced all night at the bar. Realising with some confusion that the weekend was not yet over, we enjoyed a long brunch on Sunday, had a housemeeting, cleaned the hostel, watched a lot of Star Wars and saved up energy for the next week to come!


Program of the week – 7


We have passed a milestone here at the LungA school – we are now entering the second half of our Spring 2015 program! We have had 6 intense, exciting and wonderful weeks and it is with great anticipation that we now begin our 7th week!

This week is going to be very different from the rest, because this week we are leaving the safe surroundings of Seyðisfjörður. We will stay at Skálanes, a renovated Icelandic farmhouse turned into guesthouse, at the mouth of the fjord. There we will enjoy the endless view of sky and ocean, delicious food and each others company.

It is our plan to hike most of the 17 km distance to the sea, but since the snow has been falling heavily during the weekend (and still is falling), we are more than happy that Ólafur Pétursson has agreed to help us reach our destination!

We will have a sleeping concert, good conversations, time to read, write and hang out in the sauna, before we start our long walk home on Friday – just in time to enjoy the weekend and gather energy for the next week to come!

It will be another crazy, magic and fantastic LungA adventure!



The LungA School book

Here it is!

The LungA School book!

We simply love to tell you all about what the LungA School is and what is going on here, so we have made a small book about it and you can have a copy if you’d like. If you want to know more about the school or know someone who might be interested, you can order the book here and we’ll send it home to you right away. It won’t cost you a thing!

We can send to most places, but if you live on the other side of this planet, we might send you the pdf version instead.

Order HERE




A diary from inside everything

In the beginning of each new week we publish a story about the week that just passed at the LungA School. It comes from the inside and can be about anything. This is the fifth chapter:

My dear friends!

A week ago we closed our eyes and were led around the theater by a gentle touch, a quiet push or the sound of hands clapping. We had to believe in each other, to trust that we would not be left alone to walk straight into the walls – and so, when the workshops began, we were ready to trust in our teachers as well.

Joining us in the workshops, at the dinner table and in our everyday life, we met Minerva, Ingibjörg and Lilja. Together we went further than before, we took our projects to the next level, we explored new and different ways to express ourselves.

We wrote poems. Google poems. Sound poems. Visual poems. Blackout poems. We were vulnerable, we were true, we had swag.

We went outside. We took in the surroundings. We became part of it. We made it work. We imagined the other side. We turned sounds into visuals and combined the visuals with sounds.

We talked about future plans, we saw the devil through the eyes of Daniel Johnston, we met Jökull and we experimented with concrete, yoghurt, oil and tar.

We had rain. We had snow. We had a storm. We saw the sun come closer than ever.

We had an exhibition that surpassed our expectations. We listened, we watched, we were nervous, excited and happy. With the best snacks in town, this was the perfect way to start the weekend.

A weekend that brought the Seyðisfjörður party crew to our kitchen and delicious brunch for our hangovers. It took us from the Soviet Union, to Denmark, to Bollywood, to Hell. We went from slumber party poetry readings, to New Years Eve in space and Tommy’s birthday party. We toasted the beginning with champagne and had a party break with juice. We gathered in the kitchen and made gnocchi with love.

This week was more than we could have hoped for. It was hard work, it was big feelings and the results were truly surprising, impressive and beautiful. We are in this together and together we are continuing this journey towards the future. The magical surroundings of Seyðisfjörður turn every day into a new and exciting adventure and it is with great anticipation that we continue our Here Comes the Sun 2015 program!


Program of the week – 6


Suddenly after two weeks of intense workshops, amazing exhibitions, dedicated teachers and a fully booked hostel, we are now back to basics. In between our workshop weeks, we have reflection weeks and today we begin our second of the kind. Week 6 is dedicated to our Mirror Process.

During this week, we will explore ourselves. How does the world and the people that mean the most to us, look at us, see us and perceive us? We will be making selfportraits, look in the mirror and see beyond our own reflection. We will take the time to really look into ourselves, to see who we have become and who we want to be.

Tomorrow night, we will have our second Research night. Last time, we ended up discussing as different themes as the Romanov Family, Bauhaus and the Dancing Plague of 1518, so we are very much looking forward to what this night will bring!

This week we will also have the Day of Silence. Wednesday night we will put all our voices in a jar and keep it safe for 24 hours, exploring the world without talking to eachother and in our own company.

Last but not least, we are happy to announce that we will open a LungA Bakery this Saturday, so please stay tuned on facebook to get more information about this splendid event!