Hello world of water and base,

We reached the 2nd week together with Milos Sofrenovic ((Per)forming your manifesto) and Gavin Morrisson (Unoriginal). Their workshops flowed in separate directions. One engaged with movement and delivered us into the body, the other dove into the art of plagiarism. If nothing is original then everything can be, by willing yourself into it.

We dissolved into our sore muscles, and empty spaces that oscillate with the representations of history and wander into our present. We swam in the pool together. We learned to trust the eyes in our back, to tread lightly through water until it became air and then back again.

With Love,

LungA School

Week Two, Fall '16 from LungA School on Vimeo.


Symposium / Sunday 22nd of May

Hi all!

As part of the event “Tool-kit for Survivalism at the edge of the world” that takes place in Seydisfjordur on the 20th to 22nd of May, The LungA School would like to invite you for a seminar/symposium on Sunday 22nd at 13.00 that will focus on how a school, in all aspects, can serve as an institution that nurtures both students as well as the community that it is part of.

We will look at the school as a place for conscious cultural creation that is a deeply integrated part of it’s surroundings and we will try to get a better understanding of what kind of structures can be helpful in the building of such institutions.

This seminar serves as the final event of a long collaboration between the LungA School, Krabbesholm Højskole (DK), Engelsholm Højskole (DK), Kaospiloterne (DK), Iceland Academy of the Arts (IS) and Performing Pictures (SE) that has focused on developing a new methodology and language for the LungA School, as well as for art schools in general. The project has been granted by the Erasmus+ program.

This session will consist of both a presentation of the collaboration and of some of the key learnings that have taken place, along with some time for conversation on the topic.

More info on the event “Tool-kit for Survivalism at the edge of the world” can be found at Skaftfell.is



Málstofa LungA Skólans
22. maí 2016
13.00 – 14.30
Herðubreið, Seyðisfjörður

Sem hluti af atburðinum ” Verkfæri til sjálfsbjargar á hjara veraldar” sem fer fram á Seyðisfirði þann 20. til 22. maí nk., býður LungA skólinn til málstofu sunnudaginn 22. maí. Þar verður kastljósinu beint að því hvernig skóli, út frá ým- sum mögulegum hliðum, getur verið stofnun sem nærir bæði nemendur og sam- félagið sem hann starfar í.

Við munum líta á skólann sem vettvang fyrir meðvitaða menningarsköpun sem er í nánu samspili við umhverfi sitt. Og við munum reyna að fá betri skilning á því hvers konar skipulag geti verið gagnlegt í uppbyggingu slíkrar stofnunnar.

Málstofan er loka viðburður í löngu samstarfsverkefni milli LungA skólans, Krabbesholm lýðháskóla (DK) Engelsholm lýðháskóla (DK) Kaospiloterne (DK), Listaháskóla Íslands (IS) og Performing Pictures (SE). En saman hafa þau unnið að þróun á nýrri aðferðafræði og tungumáli fyrir LungA skólann, sem og fyrir lista- skóla almennt. Verkefnið er styrkt af Erasmus + áætluninni.

Á dagskrá er bæði kynning á samstarfinu og á þeirri lykil þekkingu sem orðið hefur til í ferlinu. Einnig verða almennar umræður um viðfangsefnið.

Frekari upplýsingar um “Verkfæri til sjálfsbjargar á hjara veraldar” er að finna á Skaftfell.is


Almost ready to jump

While walking to the beach, Solveig points out that it is a strange human urge to go swimming in February! We are wearing big, warm, white onsies. Lasse and Jonatan had to wash them several times before they stopped smelling like fish; they were a gift from the fish factory. The white suits are just a shade darker than the snow. It is getting darker. I know that the ocean is somewhere beyond the bend, and I know that the road to Egilsstadir runs somewhere back that way, but from where I stand, I can’t see a single spot without mountains. The beach is black against the snow. Behind us is the junkyard with its little hills of snow-covered garbage. We have been cold all day. The snow is knee high. I absolutely never thought I would find this addictive! I am the last person to run into the water and I scream – like the others – when a wave hits my belly.

The road over the mountain is closed for the second time this week. Simon is actually cheering for the snow to continue so his flight to Denmark will be cancelled. This is what Seydisfjordur does to most people. It makes you want to stay longer – or to simply not leave.

Fridays seem to come around a bit faster here. And I find myself dancing to one of the best DJ sets I have heard for a long time. In somebody’s home. In a village of less than 700 citizens in the very east of Iceland. I don’t really want to stop, but I am really tired. So I engage in a conversation about the Light Festival, which will take place when the sun finally hits the town again in the end of February. The students pulled off a really good exhibition today!

This may sound really corny, but it seems as if the snowstorm outside has been reflected inside the studio. Suddenly the place is flowing with graffiti, drawing, painting, sculptures, photography… This week the students were told that they are artists. They don’t believe it yet. Probably some don’t quite dare to yet. All this art both gives and drains. I find myself thinking that any good piece of art contains a little piece of the artist’s soul.

This week’s first morning inspiration was an amazing drum piece by Midori Takada. ”To kick off a week with drumming as a theme”, says Jonatan. I think of that as Thorir runs around the kitchen yelling into a pipe; he sounds like a suffering elephant. Or, at the best, like a kid that just learned how to play the trumpet. We are writing an opera. I had never imagined that it would be composed in a kitchen. I play the chickpeas in a jar and sporadically echo the elephant. Siri plays a pot, Emilie drums on a cutting board, Fjola, Heidi, Maria and all the others set the beat. Travis directs it all – looking everyone intensely in the eye, signalling who should continue and running two fingers across his throat when we are to stop.

The intensity is just as high when the next day I hear us singing out our souls. I did not expect to become nervous at all. But now I find myself staring intensely at the lyrics. I’m not sure whether I would laugh, be embarrassed or feel proud if I met someone’s eyes? The piece is supposed to be as dissonant as possible, so I detune my note slightly from Hong Tai’s. Right behind me, Joss’ deep humming provides a safe base. The dissonance is more beautiful and comforting than I had expected! Everyone is exalted after the performance!

I’m so sad that I will miss the next exhibition. Tuesday’s visualizing sounds performance already looked promising. And the creative writing group seems to be touching on a lot of important stuff this week. I feel like we are about to finish a fast and long run-up, and I’m sure that the jump will be high, long and impressive!

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