Dear world who embraces solar storms

Last week we did what few have done – We went on an excursion, excavating and exploring the baggage we brought on this journey. We sat down, face to face and listened, talked and listened some more. We shared the stories of our lives, from as far back as we may recall up until now, talking for hours and hours, listening for hours and hours. The amount of energy it consumes to travel through time and memory is exhausting but also fascinating. It’s exciting not only what we tell but what we leave out, how we tell it and for what reason. The narration of ones life illustrates the character we embody, but it’s not a solid shape, it’s always in flux – and all of a sudden the massive question somehow quietly seeps in to the corners of our mind – am I not just I? and how do I relate to what I’ve experienced?

All of this, all that’s surfaced – memories, questions, ideas and narratives may be used as a material, a material to process, to reshape, to evolve and to use as a springboard into the future.
It should be the most accessible material there is, but it’s a hard nut to crack as we mine into the mind. Now that our materials are laid flat on the table we can begin to work.

Take care

Dear world who throws a shadow on the moon.

The past week we’ve been exploring the space that is our bodies, from within and in relation to the rest. We’ve explored the our resonance – from our own vocal chords and through the input of others. Together with choreographer and dancer Saga Sigursdottir (IS) and musician and composer Michael Møller (DK) we’ve worked, de-constructed and experienced the nooks and crannies of sound and music. The students divided into two groups and worked through out the week separate, exploring the natural movement of the body, relating themselves in the space, floating between a polyphonic vocal scape into a unison choir and back again.

So on Friday the exploration entered another phase, an expanded space,
you were all welcome to our first exhibition for the semester.
Meeting up in the Cinema, half of the group performed a handful of improvised dance pieces based on the exercises from the week; solo, in group and together with the audience.
With mirror movements, bursts of stillness and bursts sheer energy the dancers expanded and entwined everyone around.
Oh how we all danced.

The congregation then transformed the movement and energies from the dancing in the civic hall to a procession crossing the bridge up to the Blue Church. There the other half of the group introduced their hour. A Collective harmony piece transforming on a ringing cymbal to a fluxus cut-up orchestration of Cyndi Lauper – Time after Time set the tone for the evening.
Further the group visited a vocal piece by John Cage spreading out on the church balcony encircling the audience. The class then performed a piece fittingly named ‘Little Blue Church’. Ending the evening with an improvised piano piece played in marathon by all participants of the group – reverberating through the fjord valley out into the night.

Oh, we’re all so proud!
Thank you all, participants, audience and performers for a fantastic evening.
We’re greatly looking forward to see you all next week!


All enter concertedly at the same moment, this is – two weeks ago.
All is optional – and we’re in this together; those wishing; gather to choose a note which resonates with your timbre, tempo and enter at palpitation, there’s no other time.

Sing 13 (f3) “BE IN CONFUSION” means: sing the words.
“BE IN CONFUSION” on a length of a breath note (syllables freely disposed) thirteen times;
the same note each time; of the thirteen notes three (any three) may be loud, the rest soft. After each note take a breath and sing again. In confusion; listen and find the resonance of the room, the space and time. Be in it – Hum 7.

“Hum 7″ means: hum a length of a breath note seven times; the same note each time; all soft.

“Speak 1″ means: speak. In steady tempo for all to listen – all, in a low voice, once  – listen.

Each member chooses ones own note (in silence) for the first week – this must be the starting point.
All enter together at (“IF”). For each subsequent week choose a note that you can hear being sung by in the room and let it resonate with the greater room. Listen.
It may be necessary to move to within earshot of certain notes to hear all harmonies.
The note, once chosen, must be carefully retained. Time may be taken over the choice.

If there is no note, or only the note you’ve just been singing, or only a note or notes that you are unable to sing, choose your note for the next week freely. Each singer progresses through the semester at ones own speed.
All must have completed “hum 3 (f2)” before the signal for the last week is given but may be done at any point.

Next week, week 3 – sing 5 (f1) “THE PAST” – find your note.

We’re in it

Dear spinning world.
First week’s first, we’re up and running, dancing, talking, living and creating.
We’ve started the journey that is LungA; exploring what it means to live, with others and with ourselves.

In a discussion with Robert Kelly who’s been visiting from the University of Calgary in Canada Robert talked about the school in it’s relation to the surroundings of Seydisfjordur, drawing a parallel between the towns geography and constant flow.
Talking about the running water from the fjord engaging with the flowing waterfalls tumbling down from the mountains into a mix of fresh water and the salt sea – creating a whirl pool, a constant motion, yet never the same water passes through.

We’re in the vortex and we’re excited, we’re in it and it’s a bit cold but transformation of energy always creates heat and warmth.

We’re going to ride the wave this week on the vibrations of sound, exploring timbre and tempo through music and dancing in two courses with artists Saga Sigurdardottir & Michael Møller.

Few spots still available

Last friday was the deadline for applications, so we have spent the weekend reading through everything we have received, and what a wonderful group of students, from all over the world, we will have this fall! The group will be a little bit larger than in the previous programs, but we still have a couple of spots available so if you missed the deadline, or just stumbled across this, you are welcome to send us an email.

There is less than a month until we begin and we are beyond excited!

10 days left!

The deadline for applications for this year’s fall program is approaching!

Everything is ready up here in the fjord for the next round of students. We’ve got people coming from all over the world and there’s still room for more.

The mountains are vibrating and so are we!

See you soon..

line up

Line up for FALL 2015

line up

We are VERY happy to present the line-up of artists that will be doing workshops in this years fall program. A program that contains music production, poetry, photography, filmmaking, sensorial theater, installation and much more!
It is, as always, a good mix of people that we know well and people that we have invited for the first time. All of them are amazing at what they do.

Renaud Cambuzat (FR) Photographer, video artist
Daniel Grossman (US) Multimedia artists
Marine Arragain (FR) Painter
Minerva Pietilä (FI) Poet / writer
Goddur (IS) Graphic Designer / Visual Artist
Lotte Rose Kjær Skau (DK) Musician and multimedia artist
Michael Møller (DK) Singer / Musician / Songwriter / Producer
Saga Sigurðardóttir (IS) Dancer
Helga Rosenfeldt (DK) Actor / Playwright
Jeppe Dyrendom Graugaard (DK) Philosopher
Julie Lænkholm (DK) Installation / Multi media
Laura Tack (BE) Visual Artist / Sound artist

We are still open for applications so if you are thinking about joining us as a student this fall you can read some more about the program HERE or you can send us an email and ask us any question you might have.

We can’t wait to get started!