Programme of Week Two picture

Programme of the week

Programme of Week Two pictureWeek Two:

It is Monday, which means that we now enter the second week of the LungA School’s Fall 2014 program. Herðubreið does not look like the inside of a volcano anymore and we are all well-rested after a long first week of school. So, here you have the programme of this new week.

For the first time in the program we have all-week workshops. Or actually we have two all-weeks workshops. One is facilitated by the Icelandic dancer Saga Sigurðardóttir and the other – named Automata – is facilitated by the two Icelandic artists and musicians Ingi Garðar Erlendsson and Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson .

Saga Sigurðardóttir’s workshop is a dance workshop. A workshop were the students will explore dancing as a new way of existence. During the week they will approach dancing as an organic creative means where images and fantasies play leading roles. They will dance to seek and discover and to hit walls and progress.

While the students in the dance workshop will have to use their whole body, the students in the Automata workshop will primarily use their hands and their ears. The task is pretty clear: make some self-playing instruments with materials form your surroundings. The workshop will end with a concert with the participants’ improvised and/or composed material.

The two workshops also mean that the students will be divided into two groups for the first time so far. What that will imply only time can tell.

We wish you all a beautiful week. And thanks to everyone who came by and danced and supported the party Friday night. We had a blast.

Volcano for website

A diary from inside the volcano

Volcano for websiteIn the beginning of each of the next 12 weeks we publish a story about the week that passed at the LungA School. It written from the inside and can be about anything. That’s all. This is the first chapter:


I dance around with a red drink in my hand. My face is covered in black and white paint and lipstick and I can feel the sweat running down my stomach underneath the silk shirt I am wearing. I look up and see loads of other people dancing, and I see the DJ swaying side to side a few meters above.

We are all inside an erupting volcano, surrounded by flames, lava, rocks, and glow-sticks. A volcano created by the students of the school during this whole Friday. Build for this party, build to celebrate themselves and each other and build for the people of Seyðisfjörður to come and dance the night away.

At 03.30 the party ends. We stand outside Herðubreið and discuss whether to go on or go home. Some begin to trickle in different directions.But the lack of warmth makes my body shiver and I decide to walk home.

I go there with one of the students. We walk in, and see two other students sitting in the kitchen. We sit down with them and start to chat.

Others join us. Someone brings a record player to the table and jazz music start to flow around the kitchen. Another brings a cat, a cucumber and gin and tonic. Drinks are passed around, while the night outside the windows slowly becomes brighter and turns into day.

Still with paint all over my face I look at the unconcerned, smiling and talking faces at the table and think back on this first week at the school.

I think about the Danish actor Christian Gade Bjerrum who facilitated a two-day workshop where he pushed the students towards each other with yoga, acting exercises, and story telling. How he got everyone to tell their life story several times and how each time something new found way into the story. And I think about how he made them run around the public playground, surrounded by school kids, and how some of them were a bit reluctant but soon ran like maniacs on the dark pebbles with big grins on their faces.

I take a sip of my drink and the taste of pepper and spruce starts shooting in my mouth. I lean back into the pillows and think of the two first days of the week. Before Christian’s workshop, before any of the students knew anything about each other. How they were all so quiet and seemed so serious. How they consumed the common meals silently. And how I wanted to say something to shatter moments of silence and wanted them to feel good but was stopped by my own lack of social interaction skills.

I am not sure when it changed, when they started crawling slowly on the skin of one another. But I remember the moment when I registered the first sign of a change coming. It was Tuesday evening after dinner.

We all sat in a circle on the floor in the old theatre. Six lighted candles stood in the middle.

- Whenever you are ready to share your memory, you just talk talking, said someone and then silence spread in the dark.

Some looked down into the floor, some at each other, then at the floor again, silence. A minute passed by.

- Who will be the first to speak, I wondered.

- Her? Or him? No. It has to be her over there.

Another minute passed. Still silence. Someone turned around and laid flat on his stomach.

- Maybe I should go first. Get it over with, I think and decide that when I have counted to ten, I will begin to speak.











- …No. Actually I would rather see who of them goes first.

Another minute passed by. My cheeks blushed in the heat of the room.

- What are they thinking? Are their hearts also beating faster? Do they also have sweaty palms? Maybe they are thinking about how to start telling their memory in a proper way. Or trying to figure out what the proper word for that feeling is in English.

While the thoughts ramble inside my head, somebody to my right suddenly coughs slightly. I look in the directing of the sound and see a male face with a pair of red cheeks. The mouth of the face opens and then he starts to speak.


Application for Spring 2015 is open


The beginning of the Fall 2014 program this Monday also ment that it is time for the staff around the LungA School to look forward. Forward towards spring because this is when the ‘Spring 2015 – Here Comes The Sun’ program will take place.

And today we are happy to announce that we are now open for applications to Spring 2015.

You can press the ‘Apply’ button in the left side of this page and you will be directed to the application form. Please take your time to answer the questions and fill out the form thoroughly.

The spring program will begin on the 12th of January and will end the 5th of April. The planning of the program is taking place right now and some very interesting artists have already said yes to facilitate workshops during the spring program. Who those artists are will be revealed running on our different platforms, so stay tuned for further information.

You can read a bit more about the program though by pressing the ‘Spring 2015′ or ‘Program’ button i the menu to the left.

Deadline for applying to the program is Friday the 12th of December 2014, and we are looking very much forward to read all your applications.

See more HERE

Christian Gade Bjerrum til hjemmeside III

Free surprise performance by Christian Gade

Christian Gade Bjerrum til hjemmesideWe are very happy to invite any one who is interested to a theatrical performance by the danish actor Christian Gade Bjerrum tomorrow evening – Wednesday 17th ofSeptember – at 20:00 in Herðubreið, Seyðisfjörður.

It is free of charge.

Christian will perform an excerpt from his monolog called “Far” (or “Dad” in English and “Pabbi” in Icelandic) which is about cancer and love and is a story about his father and their relationship.

Christian  is a young, successful actor who recently played the role of the Jaguar in the newest Lars Von Trier film “Nymphomaniac”. And he is also starring in a leading role in the movie ‘Itsi Bitsi’ about the famous Danish rock group Steppeulvene which will participate in Reykjavik Film Festival later this month.

The Danish actor is in Seyðisfjörður to teach and facilitate a workshop at the LungA School and we are very happy to be able to invite you  to a free performance by and with him.

There will of course be a chance to ask the charming actor a few questions after the performance.

We hope to see you there.

first day

Fall 2014 is on its wings

first dayFinally.

Finally it happened;

Yesterday the LungA School’s fall program ‘Hello darkness, my old friend’ left the ground and took off for a flight of 12 weeks.

The day started with the three founders of the LungA School welcoming the students, then they danced to the Monday ‘Lunch Beat’ before eating lunch and then all took a walk around town – a Tour de Seyðisfjörður so to speak - to get to know their new hometown a little better.

At the end of the day everybody walked in the dark, up the hill side to the glowing city sign, where they sat and was told a fairytale about three brothers and three princess’ before going home and calling it a day.

All this means that from today and the next 83 days Seyðisfjörður will have 11 new inhabitans and 11 new faces walking around town. So please lift your hand and say hello if you see one of those faces.


Programme of the week

tumblr_n8uzf5VJLx1tgio4ao1_1280Week One:

Today is the first day of the first week of the LungA School’s Fall 2014 program and each Monday from now on we will post a short  introduction to what the students of the school will be exposed to during the week.

This first week is all about getting started and getting to know each other. It is about welcoming the students and introduce them to the school’s different facilities and to the town of Seyðisfjörður. There will be stories and a tour around town. There will be dinners and time to define what school culture the students desire during their LungA School stay. And then, on Wednesday the first workshop will start.

Danish actor Christian Gade Bjerrum is facilitating this two-day workshop. He does both theatre and movies and is currently touring with his own theatre production called ‘Dad’. Christian Gade Bjerrum will mix exercises from theatre with Mayan wisdom and yoga and through this he will help the students to get settled in and prepared for the 12-week journey ahead of them.

The day after the workshop ends we have our Friday opening party at Herðubreið. The students will use the whole day to arrange and prepare for the party, where anyone of course is invited to come and dance the night away.

So we come to the end of week. And we celebrate that by coming together in the dark and starting up our weekly Sunday cinema ‘Laterna Magica’.

We hope you have a nice week and that we will see you at the party on Friday.