Program Námið

The LungA School currently has three different programs. They exist separately, simultaneously and function as each other’s support and constant interruption. When we talk about programs we are referring to those frames into which we make the initial invitation, and to which you can apply. This invitation is a starting point and the way that the programs then unfold and how the relation and boundaries between the programs develop, is constantly moving.


84 – A composition for untrained voices

’84’ is 84 days.

The twelve week program ’84’ is where it all started and this is open for everyone to apply. It takes place two times a year, in the fall and in the spring. You can see when the next program is HERE.

Whether you have a background in art, or wish to pursue further education within this, is not important. It is important that you have a desire to learn and explore, and an openness towards surprises and challenges.

HERE‘s a beautiful video diary from the fall 2016 program if you want to get even deeper into the program.


The residency program is a twelve-week program that exist alongside the program ’84’. The Residency invites artists to bring their work and practice into the LungA School, and into a situation where they exist alongside all the other activities that takes place, informing, influencing and disturbing these.
The residency is curated by the LungA School.

175 – A composition for trained voices

‘175’ is 175 days

The 25 week program ‘175’ is the latest variation of the overall intention and experiment at the LungA School and is intended for former students of the program ’84’ as well as emerging artists with an already existing artistic practice. It takes place once a year and begins in the fall, goes trough the winter, ends in the early spring. You can see when the next program is HERE

‘175’ is a program that assumes, as it’s starting point, the already existing practices of the participating artists. From this point we intervene to disturb, amplify, demolish and rebuild our ways of thinking and acting. We notice the unexpected and pursue the oddities.

This is a studio-based program with time and room to develop ones artistic work while being surrounded by mentors and peers.