Fly it

Veronika Geiger

I would like to invite visitors of the LungA festival and citizens of Seydisfjördur to participate in the making of ‘Fly it’.

The exhibition is an interactive installation that evolves around the concept of flying, literally and metaphorically. It takes its point of departure in the act of folding and flying a paper-plane; a piece of paper folded and given to flight.

The simple act of folding and flying paper planes holds a number of physical and mental preparations: folding, preparing, looking, recalling, lifting, launching, leaping, going, propelling, soaring, hovering, flying.

The age-old human longing for being lifted up, feeling light and at ease in a weighted world is an innate trait of our mind. We are gravity-bound people with a longing for wings that would make us able to move fast and freely and see things from above. The exhibition provides a space for experimenting with lightness and gravity where the participants can share the process of creativity and the span of feelings connected to these two contrasting qualities.

The exhibition will consist of sculptural installations, sound and participation.