Samantha Shay

Herðubreið LungA centre 21:30
Wednesday 19.07.2017


M O N U M E N T is a work in progress performance by Samantha Shay, based on Shakespeare’s King Lear. It is a performance that is structured as a durational swell + and a cacophonous lamentation + a theatre of sound. It explores the laws of Nature in the face of growing turmoil, and a mourning song for the buried shards of division that rise to the surface in the face of an unfamiliar reign, a murmuring song for motherless daughters, a political and familial tapestry of chaos, and an incantation of fierce and enduring loyalty in a tumultuous world.

M O N U M E N T seeks to honor the aural kinesphere of Shakespeare through radical yet devotional means / by jumping into the rhythms within Shakespeare’s use of iambic pentameter, and particularly his unprecedented innovation through rhythmic variation and dissonance in his later plays. M O N U M E N T to devotes itself to the kinaesthetic experience of language, the body as a resonating chamber, and the vocie as a catalyst for emotional landscapes magnified. M O N U M E N T harkens back to the very first form of theatre, the lamentation rites. When women would gather after a death in their community, and with their voices, created a space for the shooing of the soul from one realm to the other.

This is an in progress concert version of material created by Samantha Shay, Jófríður Ákadóttir + Áslaug Magnúsdóttir

Samantha Shay has been mentioned as one of the most interesting artists today by strong influences like Marina Abramovich and Björk Guðmundsdóttir.

Herðubreið – Lunga miðstöð
kl. 21:30 miðvikudaginn 19.07.2017GJÖRNINGUR

M O N U M E N T er verk í vinnslu, flutt í Herðubreið af Samantha Shay í samstarfi við Slugz (Áslaugu úr Samaris). Um er að ræða texta og hljóðverk sem samtvinnar heim þeirra tveggja og þeirra túlkun á verki Shakespears, “King Lear”. Verkið er gjörningur samansettur af ofhlöðnum tíma og ósamhljóma harmakveini sem og hljóðleikhúsi. Samantha Shay hefur verið nefnd sem ein af áhugaverðustu listamönnum dagsins í dag af ekki minni karekterum en Marinu Abromovich og Björk Guðmundsdóttur.