Urban Fossil

Liina Mariudottir

Mixed media installation, 2013


The longest street in Helsinki, Finland. Hämeentie 17.
Every apartment has a sauna. I am eleven, I wear Buffalo shoes and sing Natalia Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’ in front of the TV. Teens in the courtyard, mostly immigrants, we are flirting, the boys shooting with airsoft guns. I watch out that my dog doesn’t step on the fresh needles in the park next door. At the train station people in smelly pants are staying either inside or outside, depending on the weather. The weather seems grey, but sweat stains show it should be summer.

The installation is a combination of video and performance. The projections are set up as a triptych. Triptychs were used to show stories. The three sections in my triptych, show the same video sequence, but in three different tempos, creating
three possible time dimensions.

The live performance completes the work, as I am actively construing a walk on the road, taking part in a future fossil era – I’m an Urban Fossil. We are the Future Fossils.

The constant beat coming from the metronome is set to 90 bpm.