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Comfort zone

We will find the comfort zone and enjoy the stay there for a couple of days. Then we will take a look at what is outside of the comfort zone and find out what we would like to try.

At the workshop I will introduce improvisation techniques used in dance, in making movement material/choreography. We will try out different ways of making material that can be used in the creation process.

Sigga Soffia graduated with a BA-Degree in Contemporary dance from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2009 doing her exchange in acrobatics at circus school in Brussels, Ecole Superior des Arts de Cirque.

She best known for her fireworks performances- choreographing the fireworks show of Reykjavík cultural night 2013-1015. Latest fireworks show “Northern Nights” fireworks at La Mercé festival Barcelona ion 2017. She has received much acclaim for her work and been nominated for the Icelandic Performing Arts Awards (Gríman) for best choreography (2011) and for the most innovative production (2015).Best Dancer (2017) She made headlines in 2013 when she first choreographed a fireworks show for Reykjavik Culture Night. In 2015 she created her third fireworks show for Reykjavik Culture Night, that was transformed into a stage performance for the National Dance company of Iceland.

From singing one of the lead roles in the Opéra de Rouen in France, to choreographing a danceperformance for 3 tons of fireworks in the center of Icelands Capital, Sigga Soffia explores movement in all its forms and mediums. Latest theatre performances include Svartar Fjaðrir- opening stage performance of 29.Reykjavík Arts Festival, choreography for fireworks, choreography for the National Dance company of Iceland, performing at Paris Fashion Week and making dance for film.

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