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Musical Trip

Lunga and the art department in Seyðisfjarðarskóla would like to invite all young adults from the age of 12-18 to join this workshop from the 16th-20th of July.

The group will be lead by Magga Stína and Benni.Everyone will pick a musical instrument, of course with respect to each and every person’s enthusiasm (participants may bring their own instruments!)

We talk about our music experiences as well as our ideas about what we want to create.

And then get started.

We seek ideas from any source, but the music needs to be our own, because the primacy is the source of creation. It gives us the strongest experience.

The goal is to come to LungA with open hearts ready to create and at the end we will hold a concert with our original music.

In this way, we learn from our own creative power, as well as the creativity of each other. We train ourselves in listening and other useful, fun aspects. All of this we learn from each other and get in a unique way through the music.

Magga Stína is a musician, a teacher and a radio star. Benni Hemm Hemm is the artist name of Benedikt H. Hermannsson a musician and a teacher at the art department in Seyðisfjarðarskóli.

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Price (week long workshop and lunch)

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