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Not a Horror House

Imagine a Horror House where the objective is to make you terrified and scared. Let’s then swap the terror out for happiness and the scariness out for joy. What remains is ‘Not a Horror House’

In the workshop we’ll work together with the participants to create the piece ‘Not a Horror House’. Positivity, trust and friendship will play a fundamental part in this workshop. We know only one thing and that is if you want to make people happy, you’ll have to have fun yourself.

We want to create a structure around what it is that makes people happy. In this workshop we will investigate what it is that makes us happy in the purpose of making the piece.

What is happiness?

Ólafur Ásgeirsson is a 27 year old actor, he graduated from the acting department of The Arts Academy of Iceland in 2015. He then graduated from the Michael Chekhov Acting Studio in New York the following year. He’s an active member of Improv Iceland and performs comedy improv shows that are made up on the spot every week in the National Theatre. Ólafur was a very talented footballer in his early days but now he enjoys watching it on TV.

Stefán Örn Stefánsson is a 30 year old Product Designer graduating from Iceland Academy of the Arts in spring 2018. He has been working for the last 5 years alongside school at Össur, designing braces for people with osteoarthritis. Stefán also studied Production Technology in Denmark and graduated in 2011. His background is in building and designing sets for theatre. Stefán is also a very active person and has endless hobbies for example surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, free diving and much more.

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