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Walking in circles - Friday Workshop

On this years LungA Festival we (everyone involved) will engage in a 24-hour performance concerning the idea of demonstration.

The motives are still unclear.

But since we are alive we might as well play the part and not resign our existence to whatever available mode of indifference we are around.

As a temporary organism we will be going around a mountain, be north of a mountain, be on top of a mountain, be on another side of a mountain. Spiralling pointless intentions.

An act of walking combined with actions of performing words and/or words that performs actions. Speaking and walking are both ways of carving out spaces in the world for something to exist. The sound of our voices will echo between the mountains.

Please bring warm clothes for working and being outside (at night).

The performance begins thursday night 22.00 and last not more or less then 24 hours.

Everyone involved will receive more information one week before the performance begins.

We declare ourselves prepared to consider the potentially disruptive effect on our own practice and perception that might occur.

Lasse Høgenhof (DK) and Jonatan Spejlborg (DK) are both living and working in Iceland currently through the experimental art school LungA School and the Heima Art residency, both located in Seydisfjordur, East Iceland.

Their collaboration is centered around creating and exposing the most interesting situations possible through more or less civilised structures, actions and complete engagement.

The LungA School is an independent, artist-led institution and situation experimenting with artistic practice as a way of doing, thinking and being in order to cultivate, disturb, distort and transform our notions of aesthetics, learning and perception.

The HEIMA Art residency is an artist-led structure that holds temporary curated collectives of international artists in a house and studio in Seydisfjordur.

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